2010 Photos and Information

This year marked the fourth time Women in Print events were held across Australia. Attendance at the women in print functions has continued to grow over the years since its inception, with over 450 women from across the print media industry attending in 2010.

Across five states of Australia the networking dinners provided the perfect forum to network, learn and socialize with industry peers, with the purpose of retaining and attracting female talent to the industry. Attendees were able to listen to guest speaker Sandra Yates, who has held many distinguished positions in the print and publishing industry including Chief Executive of Fairfax Magazines in Australia, co-founding Sassy and MS magazines in the USA and being awarded as an officer in the order of Australia for her services to women’s organizations and education.

HAN’s Business Consulting Coordinator, Angeline Wyatt, who also oversees the Women in Print committee, said of the event “It is encouraging to see the momentum this initiative has gained over the years. Its also encouraging to see the value our customers are placing on these events.”

Heidelberg Women in Print has become an event which completely supports itself financially by means of sponsorship and ticket sales.